Friday Feature: Flashback to Pre CTS

Welcome to my Friday Feature, a weekly post designed to introduce to you some of the best and brightest students at Haastyle Martial Arts Academy (HMAA) and throughout the Counterpoint Tactical System (CTS). I’ll try to illuminate where their success comes from, what brought them to our Academy or into CTS, and discuss some of the challenges they may have faced along the way. If you are training with us, perhaps you will see yourself in one of the upcoming weekly features. If not, get on the mat already…a-long-time-ago-in-a-galaxy-far-far-away

Today is for the old school. I’m going back in the archives to share some videos from the days before the birth of CTS. Most of Master Z.’s CTS materials are copy-written in 2007, so I pulled the following from my Haastyle YouTube Channel:

In the days before global warming made the Florida sun so hot that you couldn’t train outside any more, we would set up a little canopy and train in my backyard when Zach came to visit.

Freestyling with the big Pekiti Tirsia sticks.

This is putting together the legendary PTK 64 attacks, for which I was certified in 2005.

When I started with Zach Whitson, it was my intent to learn Pekiti Tirsia kali and Kenpo Counterpoint exclusively. I loved training with Manny Reyes Sr., it just seemed like the next logical step in my progression as a Kenpoist. That was the subject of my latest article.

How Kenpo Karate led me to CTS

These were definitely good times and, if you are wondering, I miss the dreads, but not the extra hundred pounds…

See you on the mat! RH

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4 Characters We Could See in

Captain America: Civil War

4 characters pic


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