Friday Feature: #FlatMindy

Welcome to my Friday Feature, a weekly post designed to introduce to you some of the best and brightest students at Haastyle Martial Arts Academy (HMAA) and throughout the Counterpoint Tactical System (CTS). I’ll try to illuminate where their success comes from, what brought them to our Academy or into CTS, and discuss some of the challenges they may have faced along the way. If you are training with us, perhaps you will see yourself in one of the upcoming weekly features. If not, get on the mat already…

Today I get to promote someone very close to my heart, #FlatMindy. The Florida State PTA has started a program called the Flat Mindy project. According to the website, “The purpose of the 2016 Flat Mindy Project is to highlight some of the many wonderful Family Engagement and Health & Wellness activities and concepts that are being put into action with children and youth from around our state.” That’s our own, very special person, (only flat when she sings) Mindy Haas, thank you very much…Mindy in Tally

I am so proud of the difference that Mindy has made in the West Boca community, Palm Beach County and the entire state of Florida, as a leading advocate for children, and in particular, health and wellness.

Mindy and I decided a long time ago that we were going to use the lessons we have learned in martial arts to have as big of an impact on our community as possible. It has been very difficult balancing the demands of her various PTA positions that she has held (including President of Whispering Pines Elementary School PTA two times, President of Palm Beach County Council of PTA’s, and President of Florida State PTA) and her martial arts training. She has achieved black belt rank in both American Kenpo Karate and Cacoy Doce Pares systems and is cuurently ranked at 2nd brown in CTS over the past twenty some years. Somehow, she has managed to avoid the controversy of how sexy she is, and has been able to negotiate the inevitable hypocrites as mentioned in the song…

From the Florida State PTA website:

“Florida PTA is looking forward to receiving lots and lots of Flat Mindy photos! Decorate your Flat Mindy, and take a picture of your group – your school/community/family – enjoying a healthy and fun activity with Flat Mindy and send it in! For complete rules, visit our web site!


Here are some of the wonderful submissions so far:

#FlatMindy getting her Haastyle on with Sensei Gator here at Fuguitt today. Maybe she can show him some of her moves?”10610846_10154261303699123_6346873718919360480_n

#FlatMindy wanted to help count the girls laps during the skate-a-thon tonight. Gotta support your local team and get out and be active! Way to go Pinellas County Junior Derby”12654359_10154261697934123_936166642997395261_n 12647173_10208343840934528_7961222263428704983_n#FlatMindy (Mindy Braunstein Haas) helping @ #Math after a great #Karate class at Haas Style Karate (sic)


At HMAA everyone is so proud to have Mindy representing us, and #FlatMindy representing her. As for me, I’m just lucky to have her!


I want to see some pics of my martial arts friends and CTS brothers and sisters training with #FlatMindy…

  • please tag #FlatMindy #FlatMrsHaas and #trainingHaastyle
  • Then I’ll update the blog post with you and #FlatMindy

See you and #FlatMindy on the mat! RH





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