President-Elect Trump: My Proposal on this Veteran’s Day

So, THAT happened…

As I live and breathe, the standards of character, morality and (fer chrissakes), a resume, have been forsaken as we voted for good ole DJT as our next CIC. This disastrous election cycle is over and done with.

The folks that are marching in the streets remind me of the hair metal band that I saw on Saturday; “Prowess” (a better name would have been “18 Years Too Late”), …y’all are a day late and a dollar short. It’s great, but way too too late.



As I lay bleary-eyed in my comfy ass bed on election night, I had to admit that I was impressed with the winning remarks of the Tangerine Dream. He spoke of unity and inclusion and I saw no merit in my usual cynicism. My biggest takeaway was the first two things that the Sultan of Squash mentioned for his agenda. He first spoke of rebuilding our infrastructure (inner cities, roads and bridges etc.) and then, he addressed the situation with the our American Veterans. “We will also, finally, take care of our great Veterans” he said. He said it, now let’s do it…

He goes on to speak of economic growth and our foreign coalition status, which speaks to some of the major divisions amongst the factions at large. So…

I have a proposal for you Mr. Trump: at least START OFF with the stuff that we can ALL agree upon. Let’s begin the process of healing this country, let’s seek common ground.

TODAY, Veteran’s Day (11/11) 2016; give us your plan for fixing the Veteran’s Administration. I know you have one, you said so, it must be true.

TODAY, I will be behind you, I will be WITH you.

TODAY, take a stand on something that we can ALL agree with. The VA has been a mess since the Civil War. Show us (me) that you are smart, show me you are a “can do” guy with a plan.

DAY ONE; not a WALL, not so-called Obama-care (which is not flawless, but IS helping millions of good Americans), and not hammering the harmless immigrants that make this country as great as it is.


Thanks, RH



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