President Trump: My Proposal for Your First Action

Another GREAT opportunity has come for our new Commander-in-Chief to do his job, the will of the people…

The inauguration has come and gone, and my feelings about the character of our 45th President Donald J. Trump have not changed. I posted on my personal Facebook page that “I cannot help but feel humiliated right now”. That was an honest reaction, not a political one. It was a response to the character of the focal point of the event, not the peaceful transition of power.

Passive aggressive side note to my brother (who will probably never read this): Thanks for the 3rd grade civics lesson (via answering machine). Time does not allow one to “get over” a moral, an ethic, or a principle. I understand that Mr. Trump is my President, and I wish him well because, his success will be America’s sssuuuc %^#& (oh GOD, stop me, I hate these type of clichés, I avoid them like the plague in my thoughts AND my writing)… ugh, I just threw up in my mouth. Yeah, bro, I know he’s my President, b’cuz, school…

Now, it seems that we still have the same group of “ass-hats” running around and breaking shit that we had after the election, and that sucks; most of my anti-Obama friends, want to call them liberals, but they are not. I would say they are just troublemakers and malcontents (and you can call them thugs if you wish) the likes of which this country has been confronted with in every election since GW (not GWB, the OG GW).


But now, on Saturday we had a march/ protest that took place throughout this great country and was, of course, peaceful and satisfying for those that attended  (I’ll call them the “pussy-hats”) – and an insufferable waste of time for those that disagree with their simple positions. To my understanding, it was not so much an anti-Trump gathering as a showing of unity and an overwhelming desire to be heard. Although, as impressed as I was with Mr. Trump’s election night speech, I was equally unimpressed with his apocalyptic inaugural address.


Let’s forget for a minute the damage that you have already done with your initial EO’s and such. It’s Monday in America and NOW is the time for the real “bidness”

I have a proposal for you Mr. Trump: at least START OFF with the stuff that we can ALL agree upon. Let’s begin the process of healing this country, let’s seek common ground. I present to you 51% of all Americans…

TODAY, your first business day in office (1/23/17); let these women know that you heard them, and you wish to be their President too. These woman want equal pay for equal work and assurance that they won’t lose their reproductive rights, They want you to acknowledge that all domestic and caretaking work is work, even if unpaid, and that women — especially women of color — bear the brunt of that burden and, among a very few other things, freedom from the sort of sexual violence that you have endorsed in the past.

TODAY, I will be behind you, I will be WITH you.

TODAY, take a stand on something that we can ALL agree with.

DAY ONE; not a WALL, not so-called Obama-care (which is not flawless, but IS helping millions of good Americans), and not hammering the harmless immigrants that make this country as great as it is or the good people that have worked hard to put our inner cities on a positive path. Make a brief speech that addresses the women of this country.


Thanks, RH



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